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The Internet of Things

The so called 'Internet of Things' (IoT) or the industry 4.0 are hot topics nowadays, although it is not really clear yet for many of us what is this exactly and more important what are the benefits to jump into the new technology era. I will try to explain this in a simple way so all of us the non-technical people can easily understand it.


The Internet of Things is nothing more than a web of physical objects, such as: a lamp, HVAC, a cellphone, a car or even a building. These objects have within some kind of electronic system or software that allows them to communicate with other objects, becoming then 'smart objects'.


For example:
Years ago the first refrigerators were a great solution to storage food, that was the only function of the first models. Years passed by and the new technologies came along with new compressors and thermostats to be more efficient. Nowadays, the newest models can divide in sections the refrigerator with different temperatures and humidity, they come even with a touchscreen where you can keep track of your groceries needs. This touchscreen is also connected to the internet which allows us to take a look inside of our refrigerator from a remote place, for example while we are in the supermarket.


Now, let’s imagine that the lamps in your house and companies are also connected to the internet and that they can give you their performance information, like the remaining life-time or energy consume so you can prevent replacements and keep track of your energy consumption. The possibilities are endless and they depend on the application; in the retail you can learn from your clients likes and dislikes, in the industry you can make process improvements and in a cold storage you can find the best locations for your products. And that is just the beginning.


It is also important to mention that, once the objects can communicate between each other they create a system that can understand their environment and therefore work more efficiently according to it. Light for example: In a company, the system will provide the illumination needed based on occupancy, daylight, type of work, etc.


90% of the CEOs agree that the Internet of Things can help their companies to increase their productivity, create more comfortable working places and reduce energy costs. Until now only 3% of the companies in the world have implemented this technologies. The lack of clear information about these topics and of course the illogic paradigm that the technology is not affordable are the real challenges for creating a better and sustainable world.


To summarize, the Internet of things will help us simplify tasks, optimize their resources in an efficient way and save huge amounts of energy at the same time.


I hope you will find this information useful, of course, I would love to hear the opinion of the experts in the matter.

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The Internet of Things

April 20, 2016

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